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very shocking news..............death of wolmer

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see the links .

it's very shocking and deeply saddening, very unfortunate,


Bob Woolmer passes away


18 Mar 2007

NDTV Correspondent


Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer died on Sunday after being rushed to a hospital in Jamaica.


Woolmer was last seen in public when he addressed the post-match press conference after Pakistan's shock defeat to Ireland.


Officials had apparently been worried after they didn't see Woolmer early on Sunday. When they went to his room, they found him unconscious lying on the floor of his room with vomit around him.


Thereafter, the 58-year-old former English player was rushed to the Kingston University Hospital, where he was in emergency care before he passed away.


The circumstances of his death, however, are uncertain at the moment. According to reports, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is expected to release a statement later on Sunday.


Illustrious career


The 58-year-old India-born Woolmer had enjoyed more success as a coach than as a player.


He had a disappointing Test career even though, in only his second Test, he saved England as they followed on against Australia by holding out for 499 minutes against Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thompson to score 149.


He added two more hundreds, also against Australia, but he first interrupted his Test career by signing for World Series Cricket in 1977, and then ended it forever by joining the rebel South African tour of 1981-82.


As a coach, he pioneered the use of computers to understand a player's game. The creative and adventurous Woolmer also had a stint as ICC's high performance manager.


He became Pakistan coach in June 2004 and his contract was due to expire on June 30, 2007.





in a short time, it drew very many user comments. What a sad day..........I am also shocked and saddened by News.

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Woolmer's death 'is suspicious'


The death of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer is being treated as suspicious, a Jamaican police spokesman has said.

Mark Shields said there was sufficient information to continue a full investigation into the death.


A Pakistan spokesman said that, after a meeting with all the relevant parties, the team would play its final World Cup match against Zimbabwe on Wednesday.


Woolmer, 58, died on Sunday after collapsing at the team hotel, hours after Pakistan's shock loss to Ireland.


Mr Shields, deputy commissioner of the Jamaican police constabulary, said the death was being treated as suspicious.


He read a brief statement which said police now had "sufficient information to continue a full investigation into the death of Mr Woolmer, which we are now treating as suspicious."


Earlier, he said that the body could not be released until the pathologist had completed his examination.


When the investigation is completed, his body will be taken back to his home in Cape Town, South Africa, accompanied by team trainer Murray Stevenson.


Pakistan Cricket Board spokesman Pervez Mir told a news conference that further investigations were being carried out by a toxicologist and a histologist (scientist who examines body tissue).


Mr Shields said: "I know that the scientists are treating it with the utmost urgency in order that we can hopefully repatriate the body to his family as soon as possible.


"I just know they are working as quickly as possible to provide the information that we need. I hope it's today but it could be tomorrow."


He added that it was quite normal for there to be delays over a post-mortem's findings and refused to speculate on the causes of the death.


But he added: "We would always treat any sudden death - even in the UK - as suspicious until we can prove otherwise."


Woolmer, who appeared in Tests for England during his playing career, was a known diabetic and there were reports he had recently complained of breathing difficulties.


His family say he had been suffering from stress and believe this may have brought on a heart attack.


Mushtaq Ahmed, who has taken over as coach for Pakistan's game against Zimbabwe on Wednesday, described the mood among the players as one of "total depression".


He said: "The loss of Bob Woolmer is the biggest blow in the history of the Pakistan cricket team. He was a father figure to all of us.


"There is a great vacuum because Bob had become part of the family and when you lose a member of the family one knows how bad it is. It is a very difficult time for all of us."


Mushtaq, who had been working alongside Woolmer as the team's bowling coach, added: "Bob was a great man who could forgive so much in spite of anything that happened.


"He also used to impart knowledge and was also such a good and kind human being.


"Bob was a great motivating factor for us, always trying to bring in new theories to improvise the game of cricket."


source : BBC

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This world cup has been definitely shadowed by his death but Let's hope that Culprits will be brought to justice.

A lot of theories have been proposed and finally it seems that it is murder and not the natural death. Mafia must have worked behiend it.

World will remember Woolmer.

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